From “Sensu” to “Sense”, we strive to create an individualistic product, with beauty and purity, with Japanese quality. That is “GrandeRoss1”.

“GrandeRoss1” (pronounced as Grande-Rossi) is our newly launched brand that takes advantage of our advanced technology and dependability we are so proud of here in Japan. The design is the perfect match between the latest stylish trends and classic luxury. The assembly is meticulously performed by our highly experienced craftsmen. The materials we use are also a reflection of our passion and dedication. The fan is made of Italian vegetable tanned leather, reflecting our commitment to the environment. The frame is crafted from high quality platinum aluminum alloys. Platinum aluminum alloys are superior to conventional aluminum in their resistance to oxidation and surface damage. The superior quality at a reasonable cost has been the hallmark of Japanese precision technology. However, we have a new take on this. We want to introduce a new element of luxury to the tradition of superior quality, and we want to present that to the world as the new standard for what Japan has to offer. We aim to combine the historically authentic product that is the traditional Japanese fan, with a touch of modern, western design. That is how we differentiate our product from the past. We aim to challenge the well recognized and historically established fashion scene in Europe, especially the name brands that have dominated the fashion scene for centuries. We recognize that their place in the fashion scene was established through decades of consistently delivered quality and craftsmanship, and yet, we believe we have a fighting chance at the world stage. We are Japan, a nation that takes pride in our industrial might. The traditional Japanese fan that dates back 1,000 years is now ready to challenge the world. With the combination of Japanese craftsmanship and the adaptation of the latest trends, GrandeRoss1 is ready to take on the world.

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